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Meet Our Board of Directors

Name: Berneitha McNair, Chair
Phone: 904.398.7472
Fax: 904.398.7414
Biography: Executive Director
Northeast Florida Community Action Agency
Jacksonville, FL

Name: Doug Brown, Vice-Chair
Phone: 850.438.4021
Fax: 850.438.0121
Biography: Executive Director
Community Action Program Committee, Inc.
Pensacola, FL

Name: Charles Harris, Secretary
Phone: 352.213.4070
Fax: 352.378.2168
Biography: Executive Director
Central Florida Community Action Agency
Gainesville, FL

Name: Carolyn King, Treasurer
Phone: 727.823.4101
Fax: 727.822.0426
Biography: Executive Director
Pinellas Opportunity Council
Saint Petersburg, FL

Name: Tim Center, Member-at-Large
Phone: 850.222.2043
Fax: 850.942.2091
Biography: Chief Executive Officer
Capital Area Community Action Agency
Tallahassee, FL

Name: Carl Herriot, Member-at-Large
Phone: 321.433.4430
Fax: 321.633.2026
Biography: Self Sufficiency Coordinator
Brevard County Housing & Human Services
Viera, FL

Name: Warren Hougland, Member-at-Large
Phone: 407.846.0413
Fax: 407.846.8550
Biography: Community Services Director
Osceola Council on Aging, Inc.
Kissimmee, FL

Name: PaHoua Lee-Yang, Member-at-Large
Phone: 863.956.3491
Fax: 863.956.5560
Biography: CSBG Economic Development Director
The Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.
Lake Alfred, FL

Name: Mr. James Lowe, Member-at-Large
Phone: 352.357.5550
Fax: 352.483.2298
Biography: Executive Director
Lake Community Action Agency, Inc.
Eustis, FL